A curated search engine for the business of kids’ fashion & lifestyle.

'The directory' by Pirouette is a carefully designed tool allowing users to find the very best businesses and professionals working in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry.

Whether you are a brand, a store, photographer, stylist, press or any of the many professions that form part of this diverse and creative community the directory aims to be an essential yet affordable tool for you.

By joining the directory you become part of the community with additional visibility in the searched for kids’ fashion, design and lifestyle space.

Easily searchable... Clear & simple results.

Launching Fall 2022

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Membership benefits


Communicate about services & products that people might not know you offer. People may think they know you, but could be unaware of other services/ products you provide. This is a great opportunity to tell them!


Provide accurate up-to-date information about your business. Edit and update your profile & galleries when you want, meaning your information is up-to-date & accurate for users who discover you in their searches.


Help your own Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines love information being validated from trustworthy sources. By linking the listing to your own website you benefit from our ranking & boost your existing web visibility.

Brand awareness

Increase Brand awareness by being present on the directory & being listed on relevant searches users become familiar with your brand, meaning future engagement is much more likely.

Clear results

Accurate results from filtering. The directory will allow for simple, efficient, filtering. Users can easily choose the criteria of their searches ensuring you appear in results that are accurate.


Enhance your reputation. Include testimonials & reviews on your profile about your products/ services reassuring users who might not know you.

Members only

You decide what is visible & to whom. Likewise you have access to information, reports, discussions exclusive to members only.


Amplify your online presence. Pirouette has been around for a while & is well established & ranked on search engines. By listing on the directory you benefit from this trusted presence. Your listing will be referenced on search engines ensuring you, or your brand appear on more search results, and can be easily found.


We thought carefully about the price before launching. We wanted something that was accessible to brands & professionals in the industry offering good value for money.
For less than a single sponsored influencer post you get a whole lot more!

Join the directory & become part of our community of industry professionals.

Easily searchable, and easily found. Up to date information and visuals allowing users to find the businesses, services and people they’re looking when they want.

A single destination to provide valuable targeted resources and information exchange for its members and users.

Simple, clear design that will evolve and develop reflecting the values, wishes and needs of its members.

You decide which information is visible. Choose and select information that is available to professionals only.

A community space

Exclusive events

Access to exclusive events We’ll be organising special events both on & offline. Discussions, panels, expert workshops. We want to hear from you, our members, to see what events you’d like!


Discuss hot topics concerning the industry. There will be discussion rooms/ forums exclusive to members & specific to your category.
An opportunity to join the conversation.


Access to expert knowledge & reports. We plan to provide exclusive content for our members through a mix of partnerships & expert opinion. Industry reports, articles, Q&A’s.