YES, if you work in the kids/ family fashion, lifestyle & design industry.

That is to say areas such as fashion, interiors, toys, books, baby, travel, etc. Whether you are a buyer, store, brand, photographer, agent, stylist, press, manufacturer or any of the other amazing professions making up this industry you should join us.

The directory aims to be the go to destination for the industry to find what you are looking for & to be discovered by others.


Visibility, information & communication. These are the key ‘benefits of the directory’. At its core we are an easily searchable directory of the industry. However we are very much a community developing the tools to discuss, research & develop our businesses & industry together.

Very easy! Just join up now and we’ll be in touch at the beginning of October ahead of launch.

There is just a form to be completed and a few images to upload. The whole process should only take 5-10 minutes. And of course we’ll be available if you need any help.

We are launching in English, but as the directory develops we will make other languages available. We are an international destination.

Once you have signed up you should receive a confirmation email within a couple of minutes with an invoice. If you don’t please check your spam/ junk folder. You can always download your invoice in the ‘ my account ‘ section in the main menu.

If you have any queries or are looking for further information please email directory@pirouetteblog.com